QUIZ: What Kind Of Miami County Personality Are You?

Which kind of Friday night activity sounds the funnest to you?

1. Cocktails
2. Political Arguments
3. Being Alone
4. Watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
5. Spending $$$
6. Fried Food and Sports

Which word best describes how you like your vehicles?

1. Big
2. New
3. Nonexistent
4. Practical
5. Borrowed
6. Parked Somewhere

Which sentence best describes how you feel about your life?

1. I know my purpose: to stand against the system that manipulates the minds of society.
2. I have a truck, chicken wings and sports. What more could I want?
3. I am trapped in a cycle of making poor decisions
4. I could be happier, but I don't really care to put in the necessary energy into something like that.
5. Why am I lost in this place?
6. Wow, I doing so well and never have to worry about anything bad happening to me!

Which word do you vibe with the most?

1. Hush
2. Conspiracy
3. Buffalo
4. Tab
5. Lost
6. Civic

All 4 questions completed!

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QUIZ: What Kind Of Miami County Personality Are You?

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