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5 Must-See Volcanoes and Geysers Near Miami County

For those from out of town, it’s impossible to imagine all the natural beauty Miami County has to offer. But for those from the area, these features of the landscape have largely blended into the background. With this in mind, we sent out the Miami County Bugle Caller Geological Research/Earth Sciences Reserve (MCBCGR/ESR) to document the 5 most stunning Volcanoes and Geysers located in Miami County.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro 

This mountain is the largest in the world, at a staggering 19,341 ft and spreading across 3,420. Mount Kilimanjaro is located on the border of Miami and Darke County, which is why the drive from Greenville to Tipp City takes two days to complete. Many Miami County residents will completely zone out through this entire drive, but still be left with a nagging feeling that the drive simply took too long.

2. Old Man’s Hole

Old Man’s Hole is nestled in a forest of evergreen trees on the outskirts of Tipp City. The geyser is one of the most active in Ohio, just behind Squelchman’s Leap in Lorain. While certainly considered the little brother, this geyser was responsible for one of the largest eruptions in the country back in 2014. Since then, the eruptions have reduced in size but increased in consistency. It’s also the only geyser in the world that, on occasion, will shoot out molten gold, making this one a must-visit for prospectors.

3. Mount Faygo

This volcano, while not breaking any records, is one of the most breathtaking in Miami County. Standing at 14,179 feet, Mount Faygo is located in a part of Casstown that has no actual streets or roads, meaning you’ve just likely never stumbled across it if you’re from a nearby town. However, every resident of Casstown takes a hike to the top of Mount Faygo at dawn on New Year’s Eve. They bring with them one thing they just got for Christmas to sacrifice in order to satiate the gods responsible for the violent destruction of the town in 1982. The volcano has since remained dormant, thanks in part to the efforts of local shaman Jim O’Doul.

4. Fudgeberry Mountain

Fudgeberry Mountain is one of the remote volcanoes on this list, which really makes the view that much more enjoyable. It got its unique name due to a promotional stunt put on by Grandpa Joe’s in Troy, who retains naming rights until 2025. While this volcano is mostly over the border stretching into Clark County, this mountain is still noteworthy for the large lakes that have formed on its perimeter due to pre-historic eruptions. The volcano has been dormant since 5000 BCE.

5. Your Mom When I Walk In the Room

Bazinga! Got you with that one!

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