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2021 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

It’s Christmas Eve, and based on the demographic trends of our readers, you likely find yourself without a gift for a few people on your list. Worry not, dear reader. We at the Miami County Bugle Caller have scoured all the drawers around the house to compile our 2021 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide, to help you find some items for friends and family that you don’t particularly know or care for:

A Jar of Coins

With the ongoing coin shortage, the least important form of modern currency is gaining value each day. A random jar of coins from your closet could go a long way for your little cousin, who probably has like 5 dollars to his name anyways. Plus, you could find some rare Arkansas 1992 coins that might be worth something at Trader’s World or whatever.

2019 NYE Decor

Sure, the sunglasses are very clearly for 2019, and most people would just throw them out sometime after the New Year. However, in 2079, you could easily just add a line and be right on theme with a collection of beaded necklaces and party hats. If the person you’re shopping for has more “eclectic” tastes, this could make a great year-round option for furnishing their home as well.

Shake Blunts

Once you get to the bottom of the weed jar, the remaining cannabis is certainly lower in quality than when you started. While most users will just smoke through the remaining supply, this could be repurposed into a high-quality handmade gift. If you’re still looking for something for grandma, she will not know the difference. Bonus points if you use an old Backwoods you found in your bag that’s completely dried out to the point of burning like chalk.

This Hat from

According to, this hat is called a “100% Wool Fedora Hat Mens Fedora Hats for Men Trilby Hat Straw Sun Hat Panama Hat.” Now that’s a mouthful! If you memorize and recite the full name to your family member, they’ll be thrilled. And, if it doesn’t arrive by Christmas, just show them that it’s already been ordered and blame Amazon for the delay!

Grocery Store Coupons

While a gift card is always a great option, going through the effort to clip out coupons based on the products that you’ve seen around their house is a great way to show you’ve been paying attention. You can put them in that folder you got from a conference 10 years ago, and then wrap the folder in newspaper from the day the person was born for an even more personalized touch.

Your Netflix Password

Most people likely already have an active Netflix subscription. But what most will not have is all the great recommendations Netflix has made for you based on your amazing taste. This is a gift that keeps giving the whole year, guiding your loved ones to some underground hits, like Malcolm & Marie and The Kissing Booth 3.

A Handwritten Note for a Better Gift Next Year

There’s no harm in making a promise, as long as you’re able to deliver, right? Simply write a thoughtful note stating that your gift is going to be so good that it’s going to take an extra year for it to be delivered. Because that’s how much you care. Who can say no to that?

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