Six Crazy 2022 Predictions for Miami County 

Today is technically the last day to submit crazy 2022 predictions for Miami County, so we figured we’d give it a shot. We’ve really got nothing to lose at this point. Here’s our official list: 1. The Miami River Will…

2021 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

It’s Christmas Eve, and based on the demographic trends of our readers, you likely find yourself without a gift for a few people on your list. Worry not, dear reader. We at the Miami County Bugle Caller have scoured all…

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Fletcher, Ohio is stuck in November.
Fletcher, Ohio Still Stuck in November

FLETCHER -  Time moves slowly in small towns, but Fletcher, Ohio is still stuck in November.  The Miami County Bugle Caller Research and Discovery Unit (MCBCRDU) visited Fletcher on December 2nd to find out if it was actually a real…

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