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8 Must-See Bands At Troy’s PorchFest

TROY – This year’s Troy PorchFest has one of the most stacked lineups in music history. With 40 bands on 40 stages, it’s pretty tough to decide which rockin’ artists you want to see! But don’t worry, we’ve made it easy with our list of 8 Must-See Bands At Troy’s PorchFest.

Rootin’ Tootin’ Davis and the Teeny Tiny Pea Heads

Rootin’ Tootin’ Davis and the Teeny Tiny Pea Heads have their banjos stringed up and are ready to rock! You won’t want to miss this disco-bluegrass fusion group, inspired by Prince but sounding a bit more like a less-skilled Nickel Creek. They’re rocking the 260 S. Main Street stage exactly at 1 PM, make sure to show up with your dancing shoes!

The Longtongued Makeup Boys (KISS cover band)

You’ve heard KISS, but you’ve never heard their music played by The Longtongued Makeup Boys. Imagine “Detroit Rock City” but with twice the duration and some extra guitar solos. Then imagine a vocalist who has endured 2 midlife crises and 10+ DUIs. That’s what makes The Longtongued Makeup Boys who they are; a must-see rock quartet with nothing to lose.

Miss May I 

The greatest boy band to ever come from Troy is playing their first gig in town since they were high schoolers. These rockers will be tearing it up playing smash hits such as their rendition of Savage‘s “Swing.” The band will also be providing complimentary Miss May IPA’s to PorchFest attendees of legal age. Don’t miss your chance to witness history and have a cold one!

Songs from the Waterfall Spirit

Escape to a land full of magic and wonder with this fantastic ensemble. Led by local shaman, Jim O’Doul, Songs from the Waterfall Spirit will take you away to paradise. The group consists of 6 flautists, 12 chime players, and one dude with a big drum and a gong. And don’t worry, shaman O’Doul has promised to perform his highly acclaimed interpretive dance, Enlightened Light. You simply cannot miss it.

The Pissy Schoolgirls

Piqua’s baddest punk rock chicks will be rocking Plum Street like they are protesting on Wall Street. Not that punks know anything about the stock exchange, but we couldn’t really think of a better comparison. What are punks mad about these days again? Who knows, there’s probably something. So if you need to let off some steam and whoop some ass in the moshpit, be sure to stop by their stage on 200 N. Canal at 3 PM. 

Victor Castaldo

Local rapper, producer, audio engineer, entrepreneur, prodigy, self-proclaimed-creative-phenom Victor Castaldo will be attending this year’s PorchFest. Despite his talents, he doesn’t quite have it put together for a real performance. Regardless, he will be walking around and handing out business cards in hopes that people will take him seriously. Don’t miss your chance to meet him in such an inspiring creative atmosphere!

Cranky Rambler & the Big Bad Brass Band

If you miss those big jazz bands back in the good ol’ days, then you’ll LOVE Cranky Rambler & The Big Bad Brass Band. They play all the songs you used to listen to on the hi-fi. Songs like “That Old Rusty Tin Can,” “Shake Me Sue,” and “The Choo-Choo Blues.” You know, back when music used to be REAL. So grab a plate, and slap on a heaping pile of jazz.

Megan Thee Stallion

Did you know Meg grew up in Piqua? We did – and we also know that she’s rumored to make an appearance at this weekend’s events. This may or may not happen, depending on a variety of variables that are entirely out of our control. Actually, who are we kidding. This this one is highly unlikely. We really just publish whatever comes across our desk these days, because most of our informants have abandoned us and most of our employees are MIA throughout the week. It’d be cool if Thee Stallion made an appearance, but that’s all we can report on at this point. 

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  1. Josie Mosie

    I bought extra folding chairs so that I don’t miss any of these “must see” bands. Thanks for letting us where to camp out. Oh, and keep the news coming – you inform my life.

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