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5 Lamest Senior Pranks in Miami County History

Nothing says senior year like a handful of underwhelming senior pranks. In Miami County, we have seen some mediocre examples in recent years. Here are the 5 lamest senior pranks we could remember:

Unleashing 50,000 Japanese Beetles in the Boy’s Bathroom – Piqua High School, Class of 2011

This senior prank quickly changed from a joke to an extremely uncomfortable situation, as 50,000 japanese beetles quickly made claim to the bathroom territory. The bathroom was closed down for the last 2 weeks of the school year, and boys were banned from urinating for the next 3 years. Boring!

Stealing Principal Bill Overla’s Car – Troy High School, Class of 2013

In 2013, a Troy senior obtained principal Bill Overla’s car keys and drove it off the Adams Street bridge. The student has been in jail since the incident, so we consider the prank to be pretty lame, since he’s not really available to tell the story. 

Bullying Ethan Tindson – Tippecanoe High School, Class of 2001

Ethan Tindson ended up at the butt of every joke around Tippecanoe high school in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, things got out of hand and a group of seniors tied him to the flagpole by his whitey-tighties, and blasted Smash Mouth’s “All Star” through a boombox as Ethan squealed in embarrassment. Bullying is not cool, so we made sure to put this on the list.

Hotboxing the Nurse’s Office – Milton-Union High School, Class of 2019

In 2019, a group of infamous Milton potheads decided to get extremely baked in the nurse’s office. While this would typically be hilarious, we remind readers that this generation of kids was raised on vape cartridges to get their THC fix. So, they were just vaping clouds in the nurse’s office, which was pretty impressive, but quickly turned lame when the vapor dissolved.

Burning Down the Entire School – Newton High School, Class of 1939

Did you know that Newton High School was burnt to the ground in 1939? Well, it was, according to an ancient booklet we discovered in the Pleasant Hill Historical Museum. Apparently, a group of seniors decided that it would be funny to set off a collection of fireworks in the auditorium, which quickly caught the entire building on fire. 45 minutes later, the school was a pile of ash and everyone died. It’s pretty tragic, which is why we’ve ranked in #1 on our list of lamest local senior pranks!

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