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Ranking The 5 Cutest Dogs In Piqua Puppy Mill

PIQUA – We are well-aware that the ethics around “puppy mills” are questionable. However, it doesn’t stop these little pups from being extremely cute and sweet! Here are the 5 cutest dogs in a Piqua puppy mill known as “The House of 1,000 Dogs!” 

5. Chuckie

Chuckie has a great smile, and really loves to run around and tear shit up. Don’t let the looks deceive you, because he is extremely viscous and would happily bite off your ear (he is really hungry!). Regardless, this doesn’t change anything about how cute he is. That’s why we ranked him at #5 out of over 240 dogs that we could count in this particular Piqua puppy mill!

4. Baxter

You can already hear Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” playing in your head when you look at Baxter. Yes, he always looks this sad! It’s adorable. He doesn’t really like to play, and doesn’t appear to have many friends in the house. However, he will walk right up to you and make cute little squeaks that suggest something along the lines of “please help me!” He’s really sweet, and we would have brought him home if his vibes weren’t so sad and whiny. 

3. Cynthia

Cynthia is a bad, bad girl! She’s the only caged animal in the Piqua puppy mill, due to her extremely cute behavior! She loves to run around and play, but it was just too much for the owners of this operation to handle. Fortunately, she is safe from the urine and excrement that coat the floor from the other 240+ dogs. If you need a pup, Cynthia is a great candidate!

2. Harleigh

Harleigh is a sweet little girl. She loves to be held and spend time with humans. A puppy mill is certainly no place for this sweet angel, but she’s stuck here until someone busts this operation. We’d try to make that happen, but we forgot to write down the address, and the unpaid intern drove us here with blindfolds on. So we’re really not sure what to do, because we fired him last week and he won’t reply to our emails. Sad!

1. Maverick

Maverick may be stinky, but he’s really cute! He was the first pup to run up to us upon entering the facility. His squeaky bark sounded like he was saying “get me out of this place.” He is a great communicator and partner. We almost left the puppy mill with Maverick in our arms, but we felt guilty about taking him away from his 240+ friends. So, we left him behind.

Curious to see more cute pups for yourself? Ask around Piqua for the “House of 1,000 Dogs,” and a local should easily point you in the right direction.

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House of 1000 Dogs


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