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The Troy Strawberry Festival Mascot

Locals Are “Cancelling” The Troy Strawberry Festival Mascot. Here’s Why:

Miami County locals are “cancelling” the Troy Strawberry Festival Mascot after a wide array of problematic tendencies were brought to light within the past week.

“He’s a shady guy. Just look at him in those sunglasses,” said Teresa Rittenhouse of Troy. 

Another local mentioned that the Mascot got a DUI last spring, and went through a nasty divorce shortly after. He also lost custody to his children, Strawnley and Berrita.  

“These are just major flags. Clearly, this strawberry is in a rough patch,” said Gareth Milton of West Milton. 

We investigated the Strawberry Festival Mascot’s Facebook page and discovered a variety of controversial political opinions, along with a banner image displaying “All Fruits Matter;” a phrase deemed insensitive to the plight of blueberries in America. Strawberry supremacy is common in the Troy community, but the Mascot’s views are bad optics for the Troy Strawberry Festival.

We reached out to the Mascot for comments.

“Look, we all know I’m not fruitist. I have friends who eat all kinds of different fruits,” said the Mascot. “And in regards to the DUI… How else am I supposed to get home from Hard Balls Casino after gambling away my life savings on a 5-day cocaine bender?”

As of now, the Mascot still has his job. We reached out to Robin Oda’s office to see if there were any plans to eliminate his position, but were quickly told that Oda “fully backs all of the Mascot’s actions and beliefs,” and called him a “legend who has done a great job representing our community over the years.”

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