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11 Lesser-Known Facts About Tipp City

At the Miami County Bugle Caller, we rarely find anything worth writing about Tipp City. We don’t find the town particularly remarkable and are pretty thin on content ideas, so figured it’s about time we gave Tipp some attention. So, here are 11 lesser-known facts about Tipp City: 

  1. Tippecanoe High School has the highest rate of racist teenagers per capita in the state, according to the 2020 Ohio School Board Census. While also having the highest rate of racist teenagers per capita, ironically, it was also rumored to be one of the major stops in Miami County along the “Underground Railroad.” This is actually not true. That was probably Troy.

    A typical scene at Tippecanoe High School.
  2. To this day, nobody knows who the mayor of Tipp City is. Google searches indicate that his name is Joe Gibson, but we’re really not sure about that. Nobody has ever seen or met this man. So who really is the mayor of Tipp City?

    A mysterious figure hides under the guise of “Mayor Joe Gibson.”
  3. The Tipp City Taco Bell still has one of those coin-drop prize thingies. If you’d like the opportunity to win some Cinnamon Twists for 5 cents, we highly recommend stopping in!

    A young man tries his luck at a Baja Blast.
  4. In 2002, there was a proposal to make all of Tipp City a gated community. Outsiders would be required to pass a background and credit check in order to enter city limits. The project was abandoned when locals refused a .002% increase in taxes to support the initiative.

    The proposed Tipp City border.
  5. The Tippecanoe Lifestyle Community has Miami County’s highest rate of STD transmission, recently surpassing Springmeade Health Center, a long term nursing home (also located in Tipp City).

    A group of STD-ridden Springmeade residents.
  6. Tipp City was built on top of a sacred Native American memorial. In 1840, disciples of presidential candidate William Henry Harrison sought a place to enact Harrison’s vision for the country. They thought that a sacred burial ground would make an excellent place to remember a man who so efficiently killed the native population. Thus, the site on the Miami and Erie Canal was plotted and founded as Tippecanoe.

    Native Americans protesting Tipp City’s founding during the 2018 Cultural Appropriation Festival.
  7. Tipp City was renamed from “Tippecanoe” in 1942 because it was always considered “the little guy” of Miami County cities – even smaller than Covington. Despite the name change, this perception has not changed one bit.

    Tipp City, or a stock image of typical midwest small town? Who knows.
  8. Until 1962, it was a crime to drive past a milkman without waving hello. However, this law was taken off the books due to the decline of milk delivery and the rise of self service grocery stores in the United States. Though, Tipp City still doesn’t have a major grocery store chain, which is pretty pathetic for a place with “City” in the name.

    A man who would have sentenced you to death if you had not acknowledged him in the early 1900s.
  9. Low-flow toilets have been installed in all public parks, making room for extreme dumping in local facilities. In 2019, Tipp City was listed in Ohio Magazine’s “Places Everyone Should Poop.”

    A typical Tipp toilet.
  10. During the 2019 Tipp City Mosquito Fogging, over 2,000 locals aged by 15 years due to exposure to the fog. 5 children were also electrocuted by the bug-zapping fog trucks.

    A dangerous fog truck in action.
  11. Many have wondered why the high-rise apartments have not been erected in the downtown area. We were curious as well, and conducted a poll to see what locals thought was the cause. Thousands responded and results indicate that the construction has been slowed by Joe Biden, and a lack of a real mayor to get the ball rolling. Other responders mentioned that the hog-riding lanes were too busy to get a backhoe to the site.

    Rendering of Tippecanoe Tower, courtesy of MCBC’s Gaavin San Pellegrino.

These are just some of the facts that we dug up on this underwhelming city. We’re sure there are more worth mentioning, like how it’s never had a movie theatre, or that 14 innocent people are mysteriously murdered on the bike path each year, but we all got pretty bored investigating. Maybe next time.

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