6 Worst Graffiti Tags in Miami County

6 Worst Graffiti Tags in Miami County

While you’ve been in isolation, strange graffiti has been popping up all over Miami County. We sent our unpaid interns out in the wild to capture the 6 worst graffiti tags you’ve never seen:

Look at this pouty little guy. Somebody forgot to draw his hands, and now he’s about to cwy like a wittle baby. He’s already been teased for his stupid hat and bumble bee shirt, so stop laughing at him before he drowns you with his tears.

Really now, Jesus sucks? Good one edgelords. If you’re trying to send a message, just say “hail satan” instead of hurting someone’s feelings. Jesus has been through enough already.

That’s cute, Chloe’s boyfriend tagged her name on Piqua’s Main Street strip. Unfortunately, he covered up an original tag that said “LIFE IS MISERABLE.” This is one of the hugest L’s in local graffiti since someone covered “Meas Ese” with “RACHEL PROM BABYBIRD <3” on an I-75 overpass in Vandalia.

While this may look like just another ordinary house in Piqua, it’s actually rumored to be the home of local vandal “Orie,” as displayed on the front door. This mysterious artist has been spraying his garbage all over the area since the early 2000s. Some say that you can catch a contact high from paint huffing as you approach the front door!

Probably titled something like “The 3 Bozos,” this tag has been splattered behind The Rec in Troy for over 5 years. This is the kind of art that makes kids want to throw rocks into the windows of an abandoned building, or set off a molotov cocktail on the train tracks. In fact, we’re going to call the cops now and get this cleaned up.

Goodness, I cannot stand this one. Look at this thing drooling from its stupid mouth. “I’m so crazy and energetic, watch out before I chase you around and poke you with the little stinger on my butt.” Those eyes are reminiscent of “Crazy Frog,” one of the most hated characters of the past 20 years. Next time you take a bike ride along the Miami River, please bring spray paint to cover this thing up. We’ll pay you in MCBC koozies.

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  1. Maynard

    I look forward to every Friday when you send new exciting stories that I cannot find anywhere else. Don’t sell out any multi billion dollar George Sorous owned shell company . I’m ready to start dating having been inspired by your story today. And the graffiti story gave me a reason to go outside and start looking for new tags.

  2. SayWhat?

    “This is one of the hugest L’s in local graffiti since someone covered “Meas Ese” with “RACHEL PROM BABYBIRD <3” on an I-75 overpass in Vandalia."
    ^ OMG. Yes. Bring back Meas Ese.

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