Man Mindlessly Eats 12 Baskets of La Fiesta Chips

Man Mindlessly Eats 12 Baskets of La Fiesta Chips

TROY – Local man Tim Schreder went to La Fiesta for dinner with his family on Tuesday night. What was planned to be a normal dinner with his loved ones turned into a salty experience for his insides.

“I was just listening to my wife argue with my pansy son about his soccer practice. I didn’t want to get involved so I just started eatin’ the chips. I must have had 10 baskets before I realized what I was doing,” said Schreder. 

The chips’ salty crunch paired with La Fiesta’s famous salsa can be addicting to anyone, but Schreder showed terrible judgement with each bite.

“They kept bringin’ ‘em out and I just kept eaten’ ‘em. What else was I s’posed to do? They’re delicious,” said Schreder. 

Tim, a well-known cheapskate, didn’t order an entree. Just free chips, which was only permitted because the rest of his family ordered chicken tenders from the kids meal. 

Regardless, nobody at the table enjoyed their meal because Tim passed out from sodium overload

“The next thing I remembered was waking up to the familiar sound of the employees singing ‘Felicidades.’ It brought a smile to my face but my body was still suffering,” said Schreder.

Today, Tim feels fine. However, he’s banned for life for making a mess and being an absolute slob. 

“At least I can still go through La Fiesta Express when I’m craving chips. Maybe I can wear a little disguise to go further under the radar,” said Schreder.

If you suffer from a tortilla chip addiction like Tim, we encourage you to leave a comment and share your story. As a community, we all must learn how to control our urges and save room for entrees. 

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