Local Man “Can’t Believe It’s Already March”

Local Man “Can’t Believe It’s Already March”

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s already March,” said Earl Scottenmeyer, a 72-year-old man from Tipp City. “Just a few days ago, it was February. Just shows you that time really flies, huh.”

MCBC staff members all triple-checked their calendars to confirm that the month is indeed March, following the end of February last weekend. 

“It’s a leap year, so there was an extra day in February. But it still feels like New Years Day was like 3 weeks ago,” said Scottenmeyer. “Before you know it, it’ll be Spring.”

The arrival of March has been hinted at since Valentine’s Day, when stores shifted inventory from Valentine’s Day candy to St. Patrick’s Day garbage.

“Should have seen this one coming,” said Scottenmeyer. “The evidence was right in front of me at Kroger.”

The next month coming up this calendar year will be April. Everyone knows that April is the month of jokesters, so be sure to spend all month planning a big prank on all of your friends.

“Last April, I de-pantsed my older brother Ted while we were on Spring Break at Lake St. Mary’s. He was so humiliated that he tried to kill me in my sleep that night. We’re good now though. Love that guy,” said Scottenmeyer. 

Until further notice, the month remains March. Many expect April to arrive in about 4 weeks, but be sure to check your calendar for the most accurate timeline possible.

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