Miami County’s Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Spots

Miami County’s Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Spots

This Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to go to the big city of Dayton for a romantic night out. There are several romantic spots for you and your lover right here in Miami County. Here are the finest places for you to spend quality time with your significant other:

This Cliff Overlooking Troy

Wow, look at the bright lights of Miami County’s biggest city. From here, you can see Walmart, Applebees, the Courthouse, and of course, the new Kettering Health Network building located downtown. Up here, you can take a break from the rest of the world and smash faces with the one you love.

Buffalo Jack’s

Valentine’s Day is a great day to get exotic, so head on down to Buffalo Jack’s and try some Spicy Southern Crocodile. Nothing says “I Love You” like slurping croc tails between you and your lover’s mouth, ala Lady and the Tramp. Plus, cockroaches are complimentary on Fridays!

Cliff Jumping By Conagra

Show your special someone that you’ve got a fun and adventurous side by holding hands and jumping off the old bridge by Conagra into a friendly local stream. Take a whiff of the sweet smell of packaged meats and treats in the air, and have a splash with your sweetheart.

Troy Civic Theater

Also known as “The Barn in the Park,” Troy Civic Theater is a great place for date night. This Valentine’s Day, the Troy Actors Guild will be performing 50 Shades of Grey: The Musical, with the help of crowd volunteers for a “full stage orgy” scene. 

Ludlow Falls

Is it forecasted to be a high of 16°F on Valentine’s Day? Yes. And are the guaranteed to be vagrants milling around the area? Also yes. But what better way to drown out the sound of the voices telling you this relationship is a sham than the romantic roaring falls of Ludlow? 

That Box Behind BW3’s

This location is known as one of the county’s best places to watch 4th of July fireworks, but it’s also a great romantic spot to stick your tongue down your lover’s throat. This place is full of sights, smells, and stray dogs (everyone loves puppies). Just don’t sleep in the dumpster on Tuesday nights or you’ll wake up in the landfill.

Crazy Martin’s

Swing by Crazy Martin’s in Piqua this Valentine’s Day for some CRAZY deals! Bongs are buy one get one free, and they’ll throw in a free ICP t-shirt just for stopping in. Talk about a blazin’ date!

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