Local Study Finds Buffalo Chicken Dip To Be Superfood

Local Study Finds Buffalo Chicken Dip To Be Superfood

MIAMI COUNTY – Local nutritionists have been studying popular party dishes in preparation for the Super Bowl, and have some good news for the people of America: Buffalo Chicken Dip is a superfood.

By definition, “superfood” is a marketing term for food assumed to confer health benefits resulting from an exceptional nutrient density. So, for Super Bowl marketing purposes, Buffalo Chicken Dip is now a superfood.

Many superfoods are known for their ugly appearance, such as kale shakes with ginger, carrots, and charcoal. Buffalo Chicken Dip follows suit with its mysterious orange tint. And unlike kale shakes, people can actually enjoy this colorful, creamy dip. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip, packed with vegetables.

MCBC sent out some field reporters to inform bystanders of this news.

“I’m firing up the Crock Pot as soon as I get home” said Cathy Lindenwood of Piqua. “This is the best news I’ve heard all year.”

“Instead of disrupting my New Year’s resolution to avoid fatty foods, I’ll be eating buff chick dip by the gallon from here on,” said Tim Chips of Tipp City. 

With the release of this study, all local hospitals and outpatient centers are fully staffed for Sunday. Since locals are known for going overboard with “too much of a good thing,” Charles Kirkendan of the Miami County Board of Health and Public Safety is “actively working to avoid another health crisis, like the açaí bowl tragedy that happened in 2015.”

Though the Bugle Caller encourages responsible consumption of any food, don’t let Kirkendan’s paranoia hold you back. After all, it’s not a Super Bowl without some Super Food.

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    Wow cant believe it have to call my grandson and tell him go bucks

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