Local Artist Signs Deal With Universal Records

Local Artist Signs Deal With Universal Records

NEW YORK — Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Brody Holder, aka Brode Mode, recently signed a distribution deal with Universal Records as well as a sponsorship deal with G Shock, Gatorade, and Absolut Vodka.

Born and raised in Piqua, Holder knew that he could never achieve his dreams in his hometown. So, he packed his Ford Taurus and moved to New York in 2018.

“As an artist, I realized I was too big for this place,” said Holder. “Nobody would listen to my bars. They just didn’t understand.”

Holder said that various signs and visions eventually led him to the Big Apple. He claims that he once woke up to a holographic demon hovering over his bed wearing an “I <3 NY” shirt. 

“That was the sign that I needed. I didn’t even have a plan, I just packed my things and started driving to NYC,” said Holder.

Fortunately, some of his friends had some friends with some cousins who lived in the city, so he had a couch to sleep on. Now, he’s projected to be worth thousands.

“I’m working on the first album. I’m thinking of calling it ‘Encore.’ Because this shit never stops. Maybe I’ll write a few songs about recreational drug use, and my aggressive love life. That’s some shit that hits home to me.”

Holder’s album is expected to come out in the summer of 2020. Be sure to support local artists by checking out their music on Spotify. Subscribe to the Miami County Bugle Caller for more breaking news on local talent.  


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