Local Underground Nuclear Plant to Be Decommissioned

Local Underground Nuclear Plant to Be Decommissioned

TROY – Oda administration officials have decided to initate plans to shut down and decommission the local T-12 underground nuclear power plant located on East Staunton Road near Miami Shores Golf Course.

Concerns have been raised within the thinking part of the community about the power plant’s economic viability and environmental impact. Most of all, folks are concerned about the risk to human lives in Miami County. 

Dolph Manson, the official in charge of the city’s nuclear policy, informed the Miami County Bugle Caller that the administration plans to start the shut-down of the plant in March, a process that will last until 2042. Decommissioning and disposing of radioactive remains is estimated to cost $5 billion. 

“After the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, Mayor Beamish decided that Troy would gradually phase out nuclear power, and I am only following his directions. He can be pretty scary when he yells.” 

The decision to pull the plug on the underground nuclear power plant also coincides with the opening of the oil fields in Brukner Nature Preserve

Nuclear power plants, especially ones that are located underground, are very expensive to build. The upside is that, historically, they have been seen as having lower operating costs than most other sources of power.

However, this is no longer the case in Miami County where unprecedentedly low gas prices will kick in soon, making the costs for the plant unjustifiable. 

“Sorry, we just cannot afford to pay the 35 employees, who– don’t put this in the article please– look like a bunch of Homer Simpsons, $200k a year to operate the damn plant. It’s just not feasible,” added Dolph Manson. 

Employees of the T-12 underground nuclear power plant

Environmental activists are concerned, but still a little confused about how to feel about the situation. While they do not like the potentially disastrous effects of a nuclear accident on the environment, they also do not want a carbon neutral form of energy generation to be replaced by fossil fuels. 

Kim Karon of the environmental group ‘Save Brukner, Save the Children,’ is conflicted, she says.

“I want to save Brukner, and I also want to get rid of something that sounds bad. Nuclear power sounds bad. Geiger counters make scary noises. You bet your ass we are against the underground nuclear power plant, but at the same time, we really do not want its energy production to be replaced by fossil fuels. I am really not sure where I should protest.” 

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    This is a shame. While the public perception that drives the shutdown of nuclear is that it is so dangerous the reality is that nuclear power is rated as the safest form of energy on the planet according to worldwide fatality data. The Fukushima accident, that is mentioned in the article, produced ZERO radiation casualties so we need to ask ourselves: If Fukushima was such a MASSIVE long lasting health catastrophe how is it that, four years later, Japan broke it’s ALL time record for longevity?!? In fact, Japan continues to remain the perennial leader in longevity in SPITE of having experienced TWO atomic bombings and THREE nuclear meltdowns! The fact of the matter is that not only is nuclear power extremely safe but it is also extremely necessary if we are to have any chance of saving Miami Shores from going underwater. The 2014 IPCC report declared that we would need to triple to quadruple the amount of nuclear power we produce in order to get serious about getting a grip on keeping Global Warming . The IPCC’s team of 91 scientists came up with 90 different mixes of solutions that would keep warming limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius, but none of them work without atomic energy. Nuclear energy constitutes 99% of Florida’s clean energy comes from nuclear power. Every time we shut down a nuclear reactor we are needlessly digging deep holes in our clean energy infrastructure and playing catch up at a time when it is imperative that we move forward. To all the environmentalists, out there, who support this I only have to say this. If you say it’s a Climate Emergency then ACT like it’s a climate emergency and stop letting ideology get in the way of progress.

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    Nuclear is not “carbon neutral.” Carbon is generated along the entire fuel chain: in the mining and processing of uranium; manufacturing of fuel rods; transport between all locations; building of the reactors and management of them (they do NOT generate their own electricity but pull it from the grid); and then the nuclear “elephant in the livingroom” – the forever legacy of highly radioactive plutonium-containing waste in the so-called “spent” fuel rods (half-life 24,000 years). DO NOT THINK TO TRADE A CARBON FOOTPRINT FOR A RADIOACTIVE ONE! Saving a nuclear facility has nothing to do with climate change. Tell that very confused Kim Karon that wind, sun, tidal and other carbon-neutral forms of power exist. That’s where attention must be paid.

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