County Jail Basketball To Be Streamed On Local Access

County Jail Basketball To Be Streamed On Local Access

TROY – If you’ve been craving an upgrade in local sports entertainment, we’ve got great news. The County Jail Basketball Tournament is set to be streamed on local access.

Channel 74 recently lost all rights to film local organized sports, leading to a significant dip in TV ratings and revenue. Channel executives have been searching for an alternative for weeks, and have finally found the answer.

For the first time, locals have a chance to peek inside “The Cage;” the jail’s outdoor court. Viewers also have the luxury of zero commercial breaks or time-outs.

The Cage only has one hoop, and is played in a half-court setting. Fortunately, jail basketball has exciting rules to make up for the lack of spacing. There are no out-of-bounds, and players can aggressively check their opponents into the walls without penalty. There are also no referees. 

County Jail Basketball Court
The Cage. Photo courtesy of Ed Neroid.

Channel 74 has not signed a contract with the County Jail, and are claiming “public media access” by filming from the sidewalks outside of jail. Several athletes have yelled at the film crew, expressing frustration for the lack of compensation. Tensions are rising leading up to the tournament, so make sure not to miss out. 

It all tips off Friday night, when the Bandits take on the Dealers at 7 PM. Stream it on Channel 74, and of course, subscribe to the Miami County Bugle Caller for breaking sports news.

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