Large Factory Explosion Turns Out To “Not Be A Big Deal”

Large Factory Explosion Turns Out To “Not Be A Big Deal”

TROY — An explosion inside a machine quaked homes and businesses in the Union Street area on Thursday afternoon. Nobody was harmed, but the quake was felt across southern Troy.

The Fire Department showed up to the Troy Manufacturing Corp. Inc. warehouse around 2 PM. When dispatchers reached out to the business, they were told that “there was an explosion inside one of the machines but it’s not a very big deal.”

When firefighters arrived, they noticed a bit of smoke and a disgusting smell. Workers at the building ensured that the firefighters didn’t need to enter the premise because they had “everything under control.” The firefighters shrugged it off and returned to the station. 

Fire Department Assistant to the Regional Chief Melvin Ulrich said that “the explosion must’ve sounded louder than it actually was.” He also gave a nod to local firefighters, saying that “they were smart to shrug this one off, because it turned out to not be a very big deal.”

A southern Troy home, minutes after the explosion.

Several neighbors in the area reported that their homes were shaken from the explosion, with one house splitting entirely in half. Local authorities claimed this was a result of poor architecture, and completely unrelated to the deafening explosion across the street. 

With no further inspection, business is back to usual at Troy Manufacturing Inc. 

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