Piqua “Confident in Safety of Drinking Water”
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Piqua “Confident in Safety of Drinking Water”

PIQUA – Years after the rumor that Piqua is “connected to unsafe drinking water due to toxic metal pipes,” the City of Piqua still finds themselves clarifying.

Examples include the 1st annual Piqua Mall Memorial Parade, where Mayor Kathyrn Hinds rode on a float displaying a banner that read “Piqua has safe water for drinking!” Days later, a billboard was erected off I-75 that read “You Can Drink A Nice Glass Of Water Here.”

In 2017, Piqua shamelessly claimed that their water was the “best in Ohio” upon the opening of a new water treatment plant. For further emphasis, the City’s legendary “Rumors and Trending Topics” webpage also clarifies that they are “confident in the safety of Piqua’s drinking water.” Though confidence is key, some locals are becoming skeptical. 

“I haven’t had any issues with the water here, but the City keeps talking about it. But I think we’re good, right?” said Piqua local Raychel McDougle. 

Even more eyebrows were raised upon news that “Cafe Agua,” a taxpayer funded “water drinking lounge,” has plans to open shop in downtown Piqua. Just about any business is welcomed in the desperate downtown limits, but this one has locals scratching their heads.

Cafe Agua

“Water is free in most restaurants. Why would I go pay for water when I know Piqua serves the finest tap?” asked Richard Jenkins IV of Piqua. “It all just seems like they’re driving awareness by over-apologizing for past issues with lead poisoning. I’m ready to move on.”

Regardless of any confusion, the City of Piqua is hard-on determined to take water safety to the next level, both in storefronts and local pipelines. Subscribe to the Miami County Bugle Caller for more updates on public health and safety in your community.

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    Piqua is on the cutting edge of a big trend that began in L.A. I am surprised, but Piqua’s leaders recognize that clean water is going to be in short supply in the too near future with all of the cuts in environmental regulations. I am installing a 5,000 gallon cistern under my house to stock up clean water, and anyone with the space, should do the same, even if it means taking out a second mortgage. Water shouldn’t be free, but taxed so that people would appreciate it.
    My name is Gilda Aquius, and I am running as an Independent for governor of Ohio in 2020. Vote for me and protect our water!

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