5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Mum Festival

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Mum Festival

The Mum Festival is a cherished tradition within the community of Tipp City, and has been for many years. Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, here’s 5 things you likely didn’t know about the Mum Festival:

1. The Mum Festival originally started as a bet

Remember the Heritage Festival? Most people don’t! Back in 1967, Tyler Blrogronson, the city manager of Tipp City and Chastity Davis, the president of the Piqua City Council, made a bet to see who could create the less-memorable event. These two eventually became the Piqua Heritage Festival and the Tipp City Mum Festival. Davis officially won the bet in 2015 when the festival was not put on. Not due to an official cancellation, but because everyone forgot that was a thing that they did.

2. You can buy presale tickets up to 30 years in advance

In the event that the Mum Festival has become so popular that tickets are hard to obtain, the City of Tipp City is looking out for its people. You can buy tickets to attend each year, extending through most peoples’ midlife crises. Attendance is currently free of charge, but it’s good to be safe in case it really takes off.

3. The Mayor of Tipp City Might Be There?

Most people don’t know who he is, and have never seen his face – but he might be at the Mum Festival this year. Keep a look out for him, and report back to the Miami County Bugle Caller if you find out anything about this mysterious man.

4. “Mum” originally stood for mummy

At first, when the organizers got together and decided it was time to make a community festival, no one was quite sure what the major draw would be. After months of argument over what would be the focus of the festival, the organizers decided they no longer cared enough to make a case for their ideas. So the organizers opened a dictionary at random, pointed to a word with their eyes closed, and that’s how the Tipp City Mummy Festival was born (this was changed the next year to the chrysanthemum, due to the excessive amount of toilet paper needed to decorate for the festival).

5. Christian rock band Skillet is rumored to make an appearance



The Mum Festival has had its fair share of celebrities over the years. Last year, Shot of Poison, Idaho’s most popular Poison tribute band, took the main stage to the surprise of many. This year, the surprise guest is rumored to be Christian rock band Skillet. According to a quote from an anonymous source, the band will be taking stage later on in the day Saturday, so make sure to get there early to get a good seat!

For more hard-hitting local festival coverage, look no further than the Miami County Bugle Caller!

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