New 3-Block Farmer’s Market Coming To Piqua
Gianluigi's Tomatoes

New 3-Block Farmer’s Market Coming To Piqua

PIQUA – A new farmer’s market called “Earth Local” is coming to Piqua in Spring of 2020. The project aims to be a legitimate stones throw source of local produce, allowing only products grown within a 3-block radius of the marketplace.

Earth Local strives to provide buyers with complete transparency on where their food came from, including details such as which neighbor’s dog rocked a fat piss on the basil they just bought.

Many locals believe Earth Local has the potential to be the most exquisite marketplace Miami County has ever seen, with high-profile vendors such as Gianluigi’s Tomatoes, and Ernie Thompson’s Famous Mushroom Stand, signed up for the entire season.

Other locals are already turned off by Earth Local’s strict guidelines that prohibit patrons and vendors from driving to the market, or from bringing any form of grocery bag. While most organic markets encourage customers to bring reusable bags, Earth Local will not permit them on the premises. 

“They’re still wasteful, and we do not make exceptions,” stated Peabody. “If you’re blind to the concept of eating local and protecting the environment, you should not be eating your neighbor’s heirloom tomatoes,” stated Helen Peabody, founder of Earth Local. 

Though only 2 vendors have officially signed up for permits to sell their produce legally, Peabody is hopeful that more neighbors will follow through with their promises.

“Ideally, we’d have at least 10 stalls, but there are really only a handful of gardens within these 3 blocks. I’ve already asked every eligible neighbor, so there’s a lot banking on the Johnsons and the Wilsons taking care of their gardens this year.” stated Peabody. 

Earth Local plans to open up for business in January, rain, snow or shine. Subscribe to the Miami County Bugle Caller for timely updates on local business.



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