Brukner Set Ablaze By Improper Fracking
Image courtesy of MCBC's Gordon Busch.

Brukner Set Ablaze By Improper Fracking

TROY – A devastating forest fire at Brukner Nature Preserve has taken out 3 acres of protected woodland, in a ball of flames that was quickly headed to turn the rest of the forest to ashes. The fire was reported to be a result of improper fracking practices on the newly discovered oil reservoir.

Last week, the Miami County Bugle Caller reported that Oil and Gas Development Company Limited Inc. (OGDCLI) leased the entirety of Brukner Nature Preserve to frack a newly discovered oil deposit. The reservoir was reported as one of the largest in the planet, pushing Miami County in front of Uzbekistan to be in the planet’s top 15 leading natural gas producers. 

OGDCLI’s fracking operation began weeks earlier than their proposed timeline, before the land had been properly surveyed or approved for fracking. In a statement to MCBC, OGDCLI’s CEO Tyson McGreenahan said that he was “just trying to prove a point to the protesters.”

The fire sparked immediately after the first blast, which OGDCLI claimed was just a routine equipment test. The equipment proved its functionality, but a lack of cleared trees turned Brukner Nature Preserve into a tinderbox.

“Fire is nearly impossible to avoid. We didn’t even begin flaring, and that’s crucial for efficient oil production. We just wanted an initial blast to tease the protesters. Not a huge deal, could have been worse.”

Flaring: burning natural gas on the countryside.

Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene, but were delayed by a crowd of protesters standing in the way. The fire spread an extra acre while the fire truck inched through the crowd.

McGreenahan stated that “the burnt woodland cleared enough space to get the project really moving,” and that he would have needed to deforest the area either way. “If anything, the fire sped up the process and we can really get fracking on this baby soon.”

Full-time fracking is expected to begin next week. Stay tuned for updates by following the Miami County Bugle Caller, and join the conversation with the hashtag #SaveBrukner to help protect Brukner Nature Preserve from dangerous fracking.

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