Fracking to Begin in Oil Reservoir Found Beneath Brukner Nature Preserve
Image courtesy of MCBC's Gordon Busch.

Fracking to Begin in Oil Reservoir Found Beneath Brukner Nature Preserve

TROY – Oil and Gas Development Company Limited Inc. (OGDCLI) has recently filed for permits to lease the entirety of Brukner Nature Preserve to begin fracking on a massive, newly discovered oil and gas reservoir.  

According to OGDCLI’s statement, the oil and gas reservoir is one of the largest deposits in the entire world. The deposit makes the Miami County one of the top 25 leading natural gas producing sites on earth, replacing Uzbekistan as the number 15.  A joint venture comprising of OGDCLI and Troy’s Walnut Society plans to begin fracking operations in fall of 2019. 

Satellite location map of Uzbekistan.


Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the controversial process of forcing a cocktail of water and chemicals into rock to widen fissures, enabling natural gas to be extracted. For years, environmental groups, tribes and other opponents have raised flags about fracking encroaching on Bruckner Nature Preserve, a major center of historic Miami County culture and heritage.

“People complain about gas prices all of the time. Maybe they should be careful what they wish for,” stated OGDCLI CEO Tyson McGreenahan. “Fracking happens everywhere. Now that it’s happening in Miami County’s backyard, of course everyone is up in arms.”

Bruckner Nature Preserve sits in the central basin of the Miami Valley, an area that’s booming with shale gas extraction. Roughly 90 percent of the Brukner Nature Preserve is already leased for oil and gas development, but more fossil fuels lie beneath those lands. OGDCLI wants to sell parcels of land that are along the park’s 10-mile, no drilling buffer zone. 

“You can’t monetize nature,” said Shelly Smythe of Miami Conservational. “Actually, you can, but it’s wrong. We need to protect Bruker Nature Preserve.” 

Miami Conservational will open a protest period in the Brukner Nature Center’s parking lot beginning September 2nd, with intent to “stay put until OGDCLI ceases plans for fracking.” 

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    I wish the Troy Walnut Society would come over and frack the frigg’n walnuts that litter my yard.

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    Fracking is a dangerous process that bequeaths a toxic legacy to our children and grandchildren. Injecting carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals into the ground under the premise that they are being forced so deep they could never resurface is naïve and little more than a lie. The oil and gas industry’s own studies confirm that ALL wells fail over time. Metal pipes rust, cement cracks, and each well provides its own pathway for these toxins to make their way back to fresh water aquifers. There is no purification for an aquifer. There are no oil booms that can contain the contamination. No dispersants, or hazmat garbed workers mopping up oil with paper towels from sandy beaches. Once an aquifer is poisoned, it is no longer a safe supply of fresh water. Perhaps the biggest injustice being perpetrated on the American people is that continued oil and gas development via fracking is the future of American energy. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The future of American energy lies not with old dirty antiquated fossil fuels. The future is clean renewable sources. Subsidizing drilling is a dead end for future generations. The sooner we stop subsidizing fossil fuel development and move on to clean sources, the better off we will be.

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    Humans are parasites. Elon Musk should speed up the process of researching habitable planets, since our planet will soon explode due to such manipulations with nature.

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