Troy Fraternity Closes Permanently After Hazing Allegations
The ELK Lodge. Image courtesy of Gordon Busch.

Troy Fraternity Closes Permanently After Hazing Allegations

TROY – The National Offices of Epsilon Lambda Kappa (ELK) have decided to permanently close the fraternity’s Iota chapter, located in historic downtown Troy, OH. The decision follows hazing allegations which claim that the fraternity forced new members to bathe in the downtown square’s fountain, sleep on beds of nails, and give rimjobs to stray dogs, among other accusations.

“Sometimes it only takes a few to spoil the fun for all. In this case, it’s clearly the pledges’ fault. If they could have just kept quiet for another 6 weeks, it would all be over, and they could do the same thing to next year’s incoming class. It’s tradition,” stated chapter president Spencer Washington. “Everyone else had to give rim to a stray dog during their pledging. It’s what separates the boys from the men here in our organization.”

Unfortunately for Washington, what separates the boys from men in their fraternity may be the bars of a jail cell. Former pledge Mason Crabtree’s rich parents have sued dozens of members of the fraternity for animal cruelty, among other charges. His father Douglas Crabtree, owner of Crabtree and Crabtree, LLC, claims that “the stray dog had it just as bad” as his son, and that “in jail, the young men of this fraternity will be in the same position that the dog was.” 

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The decision to close the Iota chapter also follows several accusations relating to the frat’s annual “offensive costume and strippers” party, which occurs in April of each school year. One attendee claimed that frat brothers served him pickle juice and xanax through a liquor luge, because his Bernie Sanders costume “pissed them off.” Another claimed they were not let into the party because their “orange and navy-themed costume was not offensive enough,” despite the general public consensus that the city’s color rebrand was a completely terrible idea.

The same party also was broken up by the police around 2 AM, after a record 16 care flights escorted intoxicated minors from the fraternity house. While many fraternity brothers claim this was the party that “put them on the map,” it only really put them on the police department’s radar. Now, legal consequences for their hazing practices are only weeks away.

While the damage is already done, some local developers are taking a look at potential new business opportunities in the Troy fraternity’s “ELK Lodge.” DYT Ventures has proposed an opulent premium bed and breakfast experience, a renovation totaling nearly $30 million. A public hearing on what will be done with the abandoned mansion will be held on Friday, August 2 at the municipal building. Be sure to follow and subscribe to the Miami County Bugle Caller for timely updates on this story.

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    Other than bad behavior, nothing symbolizes frat life better than those iconic frat paddles and red beer cups.
    We mourn the loss.

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