High-Rise Apartments Are Coming to Downtown Tipp City
Rendering of Tippecanoe Tower, courtesy of MCBC's Gaavin San Pellegrino.

High-Rise Apartments Are Coming to Downtown Tipp City

TIPP CITY – The largest of three projects that Dayton-based developer DYT Ventures is pushing forward appears to be nearing takeoff in Tipp City. Where West Main meets Third Street, the developer has filed for permits to develop a 33-story high-rise apartment complex where boutiques and failing businesses now stand. 

The building is being referred to as “Tippecanoe Tower,” with plans to become the tallest structure in Miami County. Paperwork filed last week seeks to get the ball rolling on land development at the property and demolish the structures that are in the way of development, the Miami County Bugle Caller first reported.

One store owner told MCBC that like many other locals, he’s been kept entirely in the dark about development plans. “We’ll have to relocate, since I can’t shift my business to accommodate their development timeline. I’m just worried that construction will scare off our clientele, since 90% of our customers only stop in because they walked past our place. They never purchase anything, but still. It counts.”

Tippecanoe Tower’s Official Blueprints

Renderings and property records indicate that the Harrison’s building at 106 E. Main Street would not be impacted, though the longstanding family restaurant would be virtually surrounded by towers, cranes, and loud machinery until construction wraps up in 2023.

When asked about the complaints of local business owners, DYT Ventures CEO Craig Slist stated called it “silly,” stating that “if anything, this will give them the business they desperately need.” Tipp Tower’s target clientele are millennials, and though this generation doesn’t waste their money at antique shops or boutiques, consumer behavior studies indicate that they’ll still spend roughly 2% of their annual income at local businesses.

In an interview with MCBC, Craig Slist stated “erecting high-rise buildings makes me erect. I just wish other entrepreneurs would feel that same bloodrush, instead of being passive sheeple. They can keep whining, and in the meantime, I’ll keep making strides to bring more commerce to this beautiful county.” 

Demolition and land development is slated to begin in early October, following Tipp City’s annual “Mum Festival.” Subscribe to the Miami County Bugle Caller for more updates on Tippecanoe Tower’s development.


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