New Tipp City Bar Encourages Drunk Driving

New Tipp City Bar Encourages Drunk Driving

TIPP CITY – Schafty’s Brew House, located on East Main Street, has officially “taken the wheel” to pioneer a new trend in local brew pubs. The bar has introduced a policy that encourages patrons to drive home if they’ve had between 3 and 7 beers. This approach prevents customers from getting too tipsy, while still earning the bar some decent change from at least 3 drinks. 

“There’s nothing wrong with driving if you’ve had fewer than 6 beers, but you should probably leave before having 7. Our stuff has pretty high alcohol content,” said August Schafty, the bar’s founder. “There aren’t a lot of Ubers around here, and I don’t think there are any taxis.”

Every week, the bar hosts “1 Dollar Busch Light Tuesdays,” but the deal requires patrons to order at least 6 beers. “It’s the only way to make this amazing deal profitable,” said Schafty. “They can have 6-7 beers, and then we tell them to drive home before they get any drunker. Busch Light is like 5% ABV, I’m pretty sure most people can make it home on 6 of those.”

Schafty’s is currently under scrutiny for digital advertising tactics that promote their Tuesday deal, placing banner ads that display a pint of beer with car keys next to it. Helen Winterbotham, chairwoman of Miami County Moms Against Drunk Driving (MCMADD), stated that this is “a disgusting form of advertising that encourages a blatant risk to the people of our community.” No advertising regulators have been reached for comment.

Since Schafty’s opened in February of 2018, DUI arrests in Tipp City have quadrupled. Chief of Police Doug Wilson says “this certainly makes our jobs easier. We know how to poach these drunk drivers. When a pickup truck is parked outside of Schafty’s for a few hours, that’s a sure bet for a DUI.” Several of Schafty’s regular patrons are currently behind bars, but ownership has given no indication that they’ll change policy.

“We appreciate that Dusty, Randy, and Ricky all took one for the Schafty’s team. They should be out jail in 6 months, and we’ll have a cold one ready for them. Until then, its business as usual,” stated Schafty.

Schafty’s Brew House is open 7 days a week from 6 AM to 2 AM, and encourages readers to “come in for 6 beers, say you heard about us from the Bugle Caller, and we’ll give you the 7th one for free!” Offer ends on August 30th.


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