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Miami County Fireworks: 5 Little-known Spots for 4th of July

MIAMI COUNTY – While nearly everyone in Miami County is aware that the levee in Troy is a great place to see fireworks in Miami County, some people like to march to the beat of their own drum. With that in mind, here are five spots where you can catch the magic of the 4th of July in Miami County:

1. Planet Fitness, Piqua

Many people think of Planet Fitness for their gyms, but to those in the know, Planet Fitness is the premier destination for Miami County fireworks. The owner of Planet Fitness in Piqua, Guy Timmms, stated the tradition dates back to the opening of his first franchise. “Yeah, for a while no one would show up to my 4th of July barbecue. So after a few years and hundreds of burgers wasted, I decided to open up the gym and have a little barbecue there. It’s real nice, plus this year we got some “supplemental fireworks” from a guy online to really make the official city show pop.”

What makes this venue stand out is the lack of noise and light pollution from fireworks. Plus, being so far from the launch site makes it super easy to find parking. The event is open to the public, and will go from 9:00am until 30 minutes after the show in Piqua.

2. Todd’s House, Tipp City

Hey, we should go to Todd’s for the fourth! Yeah, he can be kind of a dick, but I heard his dad lets him smoke in the house! So cool! Plus, their fridge is always stocked FULL of Bud Light Platinum, and Todd says he can just have them whenever. Plus, Todd’s older brothers always have bottle rockets and firecrackers, so we might be able to steal some and throw them in Old Lady Waters flower beds, which would be hilarious. Yeah. Todd’s house.

3. That Box Behind BW3’s, Troy

We’re aware this one may be less obscure than others on our list, but for many in Miami County, That Box Behind BW3’s is a cherished tradition. True, it is by the dumpster, and it does smell like shit, but there is something to be said about tradition. Not to mention when you stand on top of the box, you feel tall, and if you get inside the box, you feel small. It’s a win-win.

For those more inclined to keeping it moving, there is the option to walk around the box until it’s your turn. Just keep an eye out for the hill people, who live in the area and are very territorial.

4. Rooftop, Various Locations Downtown Troy

While this one may not be for everyone in the county, there’s really no way you can beat the view on top of any building in downtown Troy. You’d be shocked how many buildings you can get to the top of if you just open the backdoor of any business. Nobody even bothers to lock the back doors at most places, and then you can just take the stairs straight for the roof. Just be sure to bring some champagne poppers to fend off any roof dwellers you may encounter.

If you’re young, climbing is easy, and you may just become king of the world if you keep being brave and climbing to places that take a bit of chutzpah. If you’re feeling up to it, you should go for it. While no one really knows when you can start doing this, I’d say do it closer to dusk, for security purposes.

5. That Old Grain Mill Behind Troy’s Post Office

This beautiful structure is one of Troy’s most popular spots to watch the fireworks in Miami County. Every year, this grain mill is filled with hundreds of locals who seek the best possible view of the fireworks. It stands at 306 feet tall, and is actually the tallest building in the entire Miami County! Presale tickets for this location have already sold out, but there’s always next year.

Have a favorite spot that didn’t make our list? Share it with us in the comments below! And make sure to follow the Bugle Caller on Facebook to stay up to date with local news.

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