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5 Things You Must Know About The Tipp City Mosquito Fogging

They are fogging Tipp City on June 26th, and did not give the necessary information to the public. Here are 5 things you should know: 

1. Do NOT touch the trucks

The fogging trucks are designed to electrocute. They are bug-zappers on wheels that have the ability to kill anything that would be reckless enough to run up to a moving vehicle. 

Keep in mind that fog truckers have no reason to be nice to you. They’re always on-edge from driving such a dangerous vehicle. Keep yourself and your family away at all costs.

2. If you leave the windows open, mosquitos will seek asylum in YOUR HOME.

In an effort to escape the fogging, mosquitos will try to enter your home. Do you know what a mosquito does when it sees a person? It goes straight for the kill.

You may hear their tiny cries as they try to escape the persecution of the fog, but you cannot go soft and let these evil creatures inside. Do not leave any windows open. Will you be prepared when they come?

3. Breathing the fog will make you age 15-20 YEARS.

Be careful! Breathing in the fog will make you age immediately, leaving you wrinkly, cranky, and more conservative about things in general.

There are probably more health risks that I don’t even know about. But I think we’ve all seen Chernobyl on HBO and know how that turned out. Just know that we warned you.

4. We recommend that you eat a lot of FRUIT the day of the fogging.

Fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin C and potassium. They’re an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help to maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestion problems. A diet high in fibre can also reduce your risk of bowel cancer. 

5. We do not know who in the city requested the fogging, and off the top of my head here I do not think that I know who the MAYOR of Tipp is.

Clearly they’re hiding something from us. We requested information from the city of Tipp website but I could not find anything on the process of this kind of activity being decided on. Either way – they are fogging Tipp City on June 26th, and you have to deal with it! Sorry! 

Be sure to follow the Miami County Bugle Caller to protect yourself from potential health crises.

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