Piqua Mall to be Demolished
The Piqua Mall

Piqua Mall to be Demolished

PIQUA – A family walks past an abandoned Auntie Anne’s kiosk on their way to Spencer’s Gifts, only to find the windows boarded up with a sign that reads “closed permanently.” Down the hall, a lone beam of light reflects off a pair of bedazzled Affliction jeans in the Buckle store, while Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” echoes throughout the Piqua Mall.

“This used to be a place where I could bring my family,” stated Thad Schatz, a lifelong Piqua resident. “Now, it’s a place that I keep them away from.”

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Soon, families will have nothing to be afraid of. After little consideration, Piqua Development Inc. has announced plans to demolish the Piqua Mall completely.

The view from FYE’s front doorstep.

“That’s some hot property, being right off the exit on I-75. A proper development would actually bring some decent coin to the city,” stated Martin Pennington, CEO of Piqua Development Inc. “There’s just a lot of potential there. And if I see one more weirdo teenager making an abandoned mall vlog, I’m tearing the whole thing down tomorrow.”

So, what’s going to replace the mall? Pennington suggested that Piqua Development Inc. has some plans in the works, but declined to elaborate.

“Just stay tuned. We’ve got a big announcement coming up. And while I can guarantee that some will be upset with our decision, at least it won’t go over as poorly as when Troy decided to change its colors to orange and navy without asking their citizens,” stated Pennington. “Right now, we can do no wrong.”

Piqua Development Inc. has ordered upwards of 60 cranes and 200 bulldozers to begin demolition in late June. “It’s going to be a party. I can’t wait to take the wrecking ball to Charley’s Steakery.”

Piqua Development Inc. plans to host a public destruction ceremony to kick-off the project on June 28th. Stay tuned for the official Facebook event, and be sure to follow the Miami County Bugle Caller for more hard-hitting news.

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Mario Cheltingham

MCBC Business Insider Analyst. Former Muncie Business Journal Editor-In-Chief. Striving to create a more prosperous business climate.

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  1. Avatar

    Is that the old Piqua East Mall?

  2. Avatar

    There is, and was no spencers in the piqua mall

    1. Avatar

      Yes there was a Spencer’s in the mall.

    2. Avatar

      I have not been there for years but I know back when I was a teen in the late 90’s, there was a Spencers there.

    3. Avatar

      There was many years ago before it moved to the Dayton mall.

  3. Avatar

    That doesn’t look like either mall in Piqua Ohio

    1. Avatar

      I totally agree. Which mall looks like this? I don’t think either did.

  4. Avatar

    Years ago there was a spencers. Back in the mid 90’s.

  5. Avatar

    There use to be a Spencer’s a very long time ago!
    This mall is what everyone that remembers the old mall calls the new mall. Which sounds like might be the new old mall now that won’t exist.

  6. Avatar

    Charlie’s was always great and the bath and body and where will jc penny go

  7. Avatar

    These pictures don’t match either Piqua mall

  8. Avatar

    Who is this guy? Pennington, He sounds like an immature high school “weirdo teenager” I don’t know what ADULT makes such idiotic statements.

    1. Avatar

      He’s just telling it how it is and not beating around the bush ✌🏼

    2. Avatar
      Andre Burner

      When you Google his name, the first thing appears as some guys obit in North Carolina. There’s nothing about this Martin guy. I hope this is fake news. Ironically i need to shop at Penney’s today.

  9. Avatar

    First off its still open. They have a concert this weekend. But its bad that its closing

  10. Avatar
    Linda Duckett

    Bullshit, taking all the Malls away, Richmond, Indiana just had a tornado, that one is destroyed, now this, not cool.

  11. Avatar
    Vanessa Burkett

    Spencer’s was 2000-2006..that is NOT the piqua mall..maybe The Old Salem Mall?? This is Fake News…

    1. Avatar

      Definitely NOT the Salem Mall.

  12. Avatar

    Bath and body,Nirvana,Collectables,JCPENNEY,so sad but I don’t think it is true.

  13. Avatar
    Jack Jackson

    I think this might be a piece of Satire. They are in bad shape but not that far yet. At least I hope not!!

  14. Avatar
    John Edwards

    First the old mall and then the new one. History passing away before our eyes. Really sad!!

  15. Avatar
    Jack Greggerson

    Wow, the deep sea fishing reel is really busy winding in all those who chose to take the bait offered by this so called journalist who writes under the title Piqua Bugle. Wake up folks!

  16. Avatar

    The pic resembles the Cincinnati Mills Mall a little.

    1. Avatar

      The pics look like the mall when they were building it. The mall don’t look like that now!

  17. Avatar
    Lee Wyrick

    Satire folks!

  18. Avatar
    Stormi Weber

    There has not been a Piqua Mall for years. There is a strip center where the old Piqua Mall used to be, with Home Depot and the fabric shop, etc. The only mall is the the Miami Valley Center, definitely short of open stores, but not caledl Piqua Mall. Photos most closely resemble the original old Piqua Mall. Someone half did their homework.

  19. Avatar

    What a shame!! Spent many years there. Nothing wrong with the building it looks to be structurely safe. I believe it’s very unfortunate that they can’t keep it running. I was also told by several people that the owner has been raising to cost of rent for businesses and they can’t keep afloat!! Maybe someone needs to stop being so greedy!

  20. Avatar
    Joann Long

    That isn’t the piqua ,Ohio mall ,we were there 3 days ago, sure it’s pretty sparse with few stores left,but in know way does it look like it’s partly outdoors, and none of the store are having big clearance sales . So I think I’ll just wait and see.

  21. Avatar

    This is all bogus. This is not true and the pic isn’t even the piqua mall. We called, and it is false.

  22. Avatar

    I work there and a few of the stores just signed new 5-year contracts…

  23. Avatar

    I drive from Vandalia to shop at Pennys and a couple of other store I hate seeing the go Joa

  24. Avatar

    I drive from Vandalia to shop at Pennys and a couple of other store I hate seeing the go Joa

  25. Avatar

    This is fake news

  26. Avatar

    Can’t wait until the casino is built! I think it’s a good idea ! It will definitely bring business & boost the economy! Piqua is so boring it will be great to have something to do!! I’m excited!😁it will be nice not to have to travel out of town to go to a casino!!👍👌🙂😉

  27. Avatar

    traveling to Pique in October , so when is the casino open for my quarters? 2020

  28. Avatar

    That picture is NOT the Miami Valley Mall in Piqua OH or the old Piqua East Mall in Piqua OH. Old mall had a fountain, Sears, Baskin Robbins, etc. It was demolished years ago. Miami Valley Center Mall is going downhill, but is still open.

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