Troy Has Decided Not to Finish Painting Its Water Towers
The final version of the water tower. Photo courtesy of Gaavin San Pellegrino.

Troy Has Decided Not to Finish Painting Its Water Towers

TROY – Just weeks after putting the town’s rebranding into action, Troy has decided not to finish painting its water towers. The rebrand has come to a halt as a result of key sponsors withdrawing from the project.

Ersan Fiddlehorn, Chairman of the Discover Troy Initiative (DTI), released a statement on Friday morning regarding the situation. “It’s a huge bummer. Tri-C pulled from the deal, and we no longer have enough funding for the labor that this project entails.”

The half-assed final product.

Tri-C was the lead sponsor for the town’s rebranding project, and played a large role in the choice of orange as one of Troy’s new colors. Insiders believe that this industry-leading juice manufacturer pledged upwards of $300,000 for the rebranding project. Without these funds, the DTI is unable to afford the required materials and labor to finish painting its water towers.

“I mean, it’s not a huge deal because we already kind of messed it up. I think we all saw how bad they already looked,” stated Fiddlehorn. “And obviously, we didn’t expect Tri-C to shit the bed on us. That’s on them. We’re going to stick with the colors, but the painting will have to go on hold until we gather some more money.”

The announcement of the rebrand was met with devastating public backlash. One Facebook user expressed her frustration with DTI by saying “Fiddlehorn can shove that horn straight up her ass.” Another user said “They have no clue to what the citizens would like. A select few making choices for the whole town. And we’re just supposed to deal with it.”

In reference to these complaints, Fiddlehorn stated “what else are we supposed to do? Send our unpaid interns up the water tower so they can finish the job? I don’t think so. They could break their legs and we could be liable for something like that.”

While the water towers remain unfinished, DTI considers the rebranding process complete. Without the sponsorship of Tri-C, it is unclear whether or not the fountain will still be dyed orange.

Tri-C could not be reached for comment.

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    What happened to Scarlet and Gray? Troy Trojans spirit colors? Obviously someone outside of the history and loyalty to our proud city made this decision.

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