Troy Has Changed Its Official Colors to Navy and Orange, And Here’s Why:
Simulated image of Troy's fountain, courtesy of Gaavin San Pellegrino.

Troy Has Changed Its Official Colors to Navy and Orange, And Here’s Why:

TROY, OH: The true colors of a multi-year rebranding project are officially being brought to light. After decades of public criticism for the use of red and grey, Troy has changed its official colors to navy and orange.

The rebrand was brought to life by the Discover Troy Initiative (DTI), a lobbyist group who claimed that the “red and grey scheme was not respectful of the blood and ashes of those who were lost in the Beamish rebellion.” City officials declined to comment on this matter.

Troy’s Official New Logo

Fire hydrants are the immediate victims of this rebrand, but will soon be joined by the fountain on Troy’s downtown square. “We’re dying the water orange. We signed the contract. We won’t hear any debates,” stated DTI chairman Ersan Fiddlehorn.

“It all started with a sponsorship we had in the works with Sunny D. Eventually they stopped returning our calls, but we had already chosen orange. We kept looking, made some headway with Tang, but couldn’t finalize the deal,” said Fiddlehorn. “We ended up with Tri-C as the official sponsor, which I know isn’t very exciting, but at least I made some money on the deal. Don’t publish that.”

The choice of navy blue was a result of 18 months of extensive research from focus groups, with more than 800 people contributing research for the project. “We just want to be different. Sometimes, being different means being ugly. Sometimes, being ugly means pissing someone off. In this case, that’s the entire Troy community. They need to just deal with it. They don’t get to choose,” stated Fiddlehorn.

The project cost $638,000 with the city contributing $50. Other partners were Troy Market Street, the Chamber of eCommerce, Troy Development Committee, The Troy Growth Institution, and Subway.


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    Blue and orange are awesome colors for our growing community! I just don’t understand all the backlash around town, especially since it’s something that we will be able to make ours for decades to come. The only thing that’s missing, is a third color: brown. What a perfect trio of awesome for our Trojan community than adding shit brown to everything we do, mostly cause Patrick and literally three other people in city hall make all the decisions for us. I don’t like to think a lot, and the town is super boring as fuck already, so It’s really a win win.

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    We are proud Trojans and we love our schools and all our sport teams! Our colors that we display are red and gray! Those colors show our pride for our youth!

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    Whoever the idiots are for changing the colors needs fired! That’s a bunch of nonsense! What a waste of money! And such UGLY colors! 😥

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