Piqua Has Been Smelling Very Strange Lately
A stench visibly looms over Piqua.

Piqua Has Been Smelling Very Strange Lately

PIQUA – Piqua has been smelling very strange lately. Since early May, locals have reported an increasing presence of noxious odors permeating the town.

The official cause of these smells is still unknown. People from all around the town have reported that they can smell the foul odor in their homes.

“I’ll be sitting on my couch like, what in the hell? Who left the bathroom door open? Maybe it’s just roadkill season or something.” Braxtyn Higgins, a Piqua resident, told MCBC. “Either way, this town smells like ass.”

“The city is ignoring the issue,” said Sherry Tinkleheimer, a Piqua local. “They put new manhole covers on Water Street without asking their community for input. Now, our city smells like complete shit and nothing is being done about it. I’m encouraging our community to say something when they smell something.”

After weeks of silence, City Manager Dyson Herfdorf provided a statement to MCBC on Saturday morning that reads:

“We received information concerning strong odors and have asked our Environmental Maintenance staff to investigate this. We could look into the sanitary sewer collection system to see if it is the cause, but I sure as hell won’t be the one to go down there. Sounds like a job for someone else. Looking at you, Sanitation Department.”

Herfdorf also said the culprit could be a waste processor located by a landfill outside the city, and that a warm summer breeze could filter the smell into nearby neighborhoods. “Piqua always stinks, but especially in the summertime. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal.”

City officials are currently investigating the foul odor permeating the town.

Mario Cheltingham

MCBC Business Insider Analyst. Former Muncie Business Journal Editor-In-Chief. Striving to create a more prosperous business climate.
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