Mayor Beamish Taking it in Stride

Mayor Beamish Taking it in Stride


TROY, OH — After countless years in office, Mayor Michael Beamish has learned a thing or two about leading a town. In his time, he’s seen a controversy or two, and our politics editor-at-large  Philip Kratzenberg got exclusive access to the mayor in the midst of his most recent controversy.


Philip Kratzenberg: So Mayor Beamish, how are you feeling in the wake of these new allegations against your office?


Mayor Beamish: Well, you know, you try to stay away from the press as much as possible, but word gets around. I’ve learned over the years, you have to take it in stride.


PK: Actually, you’re with the press right now. I’m Philip Kratzenberg, a reporter with the Bugle Caller.


MB: Oh really? Well you seem nice. Unlike that bitch at the Troy Daily News, she put me on fucking blast.


PK: Right, well that’s obviously what I came here to talk about. What do you have to say to your detractors who say this went a step too far?


MB: Listen, this is just the way things go. It’s the ebb. It’s the flow. You take it in stride baby, take it in stride.


PK: So do you admit having any prior knowledge of the events described in the Dayton Daily News?


MB: Well listen, every story has some true and some false. Am I a red-blooded man? Sure. Now would I do something as depraved as the Dayton Daily News claims? That’s up to the voters to decide, I think they deep-down know what the answer is.


PK: That’s pretty vague, do you want to expand on that at all?


MB: No, not really. You know what I mean.


PK: No, I don’t think anyone who will read this does either.


MB: Huh, well I guess I’ve made my point then.


Mayor Beamish has seen a lot in his years as mayor of Troy, OH, but will he weather this storm? History tells us yes, but only time will tell.

Philip Kratzenberg

Politics editor-at-large, Miami County Bugle Caller. Avid runner, political junkie, father of twelve. Running to find the truth
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